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Video here.

Must admit to getting quite excited about this game. It seems to play exactly like Unleashed, just minus the Werehog. While Unleashed wasn’t a terrible game and the daytime stages were indeed excellent, the balance and contrast of Werehog to Sonic levels was a little jarring for most. Let’s hope that what we are seeing is reflective of the majority of the game and that there’s not another Werehog-esque gimmick lurking underneath the shiny exterior, yet to be seen by mortal eyes…

Source: Gametrailers

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I’ll make this quick since I have to dash off to work in a few minutes. This morning I was browsing the SEGA of America ftp… as I do… (theirs a lot of good media up there), when I stumbled across a document called sonic_speed_pressrelease_draft. A quick download later and I’m looking at an early draft for a press release for a brand new game called you guessed it Sonic Speed! (continue reading…)


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