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When was the last time I actually posted a comic… four months?!?!!… s*!* has it really been that long?

Well good news, circumstances have conspired to reduce my work load at work… significantly… so I have time to actually do a comic and more importantly actually have the will to do them; potentially I may have a more regular schedule up and running soon. In the meantime have a comic now slightly bigger for extra detail!


Oh and as a side note, everyone remember that Sonic Lost World game that came out a few years ago for the Wii U? Yeah me neither… I kid I just don’t own or care about anything on the Wii U.
Anyway seems SEGA is holding a launch party for it… a little late I know… oh wait it’s coming out on the PC? Well now I’m interested, so yeah if your a Sonic fan and happen to be in London this weekend (18 and over only I’m afraid) have a look here.

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Some of you may follow certain a certain YouTube channel called The GameStation, some of you might not.

Basically it hosts quite a few individual shows, one of these is a piece that focuses on retro hardware, and a piece they did semi-recently was a piece on SEGA’s last foray into the hardware area – The Dreamcast.

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You know what I haven’t had added a new section to Emerald Coast for a while now, let me just fix that.

The official artwork section will hold all the artwork I have dug up over the years for anyone to look at/download. To get the ball rolling I’ve put up the Sonic Chronicles page, more should follow soon.

Oh and a big thanks goes out to AAUK of Sonic Wrecks (as if you didn’t know already) for helping me figure out why the devil I couldn’t get the gallery system working properly, stupid coding…

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I knew there would be another one! It was only a matter of time before we got to this stage, launch trailers!

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I’ve run out of things to say at to introduce these trailers… anyway… this is an official trailer for the DS edition of Allstars racing which looks pretty snappy, I’ll even venture that it looks better than Mario Kart DS!

Original story: Sonic City Blognik.

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I was rather worried this morning, I got up and thought oh god I’ve got to find something for a Sunday afternoon Sonic. I then checked my email and found something waiting… I don’t know what surprised me more, that someone reads these mad little rants or that someone had actually decided to respond after my appeal last week. So what was in this mysterious email? Hit the jump to find out. (continue reading…)


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