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Here’s two characters I’ve never really stuck together, Knuckles and Shadow… let’s see what happens, perhaps we will get a new and more interesting dynamic going over the Sonic and Tails thing I keep falling back on.


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So Sonic has super powers now? I mean other than his super speed, his super blue coat, and his super massive ego. Oh and have some Shadow the Hedgehog.

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Let’s keep this weeks poll nice and light shall we? The question this round is Who is your Favourite hedgehog character that isn’t Sonic?

Your options are: Shadow, Silver, Amy, and… that’s it, I’m keeping it to the core franchise on this one. Oh last weeks results after the break. (continue reading…)

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It’s Wednesday, three more days till the weekend!… I miss being a student… anyway to cheer myself up I have gone and done a comic for you lot, like I do every Wednesday, you could set your watch by me! Comic can be viewed here, or hit the jump to see a preview and some notes. (continue reading…)


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