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With all the hype of Sonic Boom launching this month it seems right that I pick up the tie in comic which came out in the UK this week and start to get my head around this new re-imagining of our favorite blue hedgehog and friends.


Read on for my thoughts although be warned potential spoilers ahead.
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Okay, I’m a little late… for reasons, blame lack of script, laziness, work etc, prefer idly all of them at the same time, but never the less I have the comic up on the right day… now next weeks is going to be a challenge…


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Hmm I seem to have come back to form with this plot line, I will admit it’s nice to have a path to follow or panic every week trying to come up with a script the question is will I stick to script?


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Well I managed to find the time to do this comic this week, lot’s of new sprites this week, and a new background as well. Knuckles May not be as big as he is in Boom, but to be honest he looks about ready to fall over under his own weight of muscle in Boom. For now enjoy comic!


Oh as a note… issue 99, have I been at it that long again already?

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The plot continues, with a new twist, not to worry though I have a plan… and I am not just saying that just to keep people from asking, I do actually have a plan with scripts written already, what is wrong with me. Anyway, Sonic and Tails go for a walk, enjoy!


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I really wish I could churn these out a little faster, especially since I now have a rough script in my head but alas it takes time to sprite and life keeps stealing my time, anyway I should stop wasting time complaining and give you a comic, enjoy!


Hmm, issue 100 is coming up, I should plan something for that.

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Okay I apologies for the delay of a week but I wanted to get all my ducks in the row for this, namely do some new sprites that may or may not have been influenced by Sonic Boom… okay yes they were, but they fit the situation… now on with the show!

Tempus Fugit 2

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So a last minute re-write and I have a comic ready on time for Wednesday (because I plan well ahead). Once again I’d like to thank my dozen or so loyal readers… at least I hope I still have a dozen your all great for tolerating the bits that dribble out of my brain each week that I stick on the internet and call a comic.


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You know we haven’t had a guest in Just in Time since… well since Akhmin appeared and essentially blew it up, but hey we all move on, so today’s special guest is my chief negotiator in all matters, it just makes good political sense.


Also I may have been a bit heavy on the eyebrows.

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Or you know just stand around like they normally do, actually I haven’t ever done a comic with any action scenes… I could make a good sprite comic with an action scene… but I’m not going to because I’m lazy like that… anyway I think I got a little off track, where was I, oh yeah comic!



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