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When was the last time I actually posted a comic… four months?!?!!… s*!* has it really been that long?

Well good news, circumstances have conspired to reduce my work load at work… significantly… so I have time to actually do a comic and more importantly actually have the will to do them; potentially I may have a more regular schedule up and running soon. In the meantime have a comic now slightly bigger for extra detail!


Oh and as a side note, everyone remember that Sonic Lost World game that came out a few years ago for the Wii U? Yeah me neither… I kid I just don’t own or care about anything on the Wii U.
Anyway seems SEGA is holding a launch party for it… a little late I know… oh wait it’s coming out on the PC? Well now I’m interested, so yeah if your a Sonic fan and happen to be in London this weekend (18 and over only I’m afraid) have a look here.

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It’s a dangerous thing when I get bored, I do silly things, case and point.


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