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I’m back once again to share some holiday snaps from my recent trip to Japan!

On the bullet train to Kyoto, as you can see there is a surprisingly large amount of leg room.

This is the view from the banister of Kiyomizu Temple, originally founded in 798 it’s one of the must see sights in Kyoto, bit of a walk to get to though, good thing I get to travel via satchel then.

A rather large statue that we couldn’t get to as it was rather late in the day.

It seems ninjas are everywhere around here, and yet I still haven’t seen one.

Sometimes it’s just nice to sit, relax and enjoy the view from a temple high on a hill that Vger has just worn himself out climbing to.

Bamboo everywhere!

The golden temple, Kinkaku-Ji, now why don’t I live in a hose like this?

That’s about it from me, Vger might have a bit more in the next few days, once he remembers how to upload things to youtube.

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