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So I’m the new comic artist for this site… Hope you’re enjoying Dream to Nightmare so far, guys! I plan to update most weeks on a Monday, sadly exams are upon me so this weeks plan has kinda gone to heck. The next comic is ready and will be up soon… Keep an eye out for it! (EDIT: New comic is live now! – Vger)

My first entry wouldn’t be complete without some spazzing about merch now, would it? Those of you that know me will know I enjoy the odd bit of merch hunting now and then, and I wanted to share a gem I recently bought with you guys…


He’s here! It’s Fang the Sniper from Sonic the Fighters! For those of you that do not collect merch, allow me to tell you a bit about this rare set of Sonic plush. Released in 1996, the set includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy, Bean, Bark, Metal Sonic, Fang and Super Sonic. Right away you can tell there are some very unusual plush incarnations in this set. This is ultimately reflected in the high prices for this set, with a tagged Fang selling recently for $380 on AnimeMate. They were only available in Japanese UFO catchers for a very limited time, making them all the more difficult to get your greasy merch loving paws on.

I was surprised when I got Fang. For his size (9-10″) he is amazingly detailed, right down to the tip of his hat and the wry smile on his face. The limbs of these plush are fairly floppy too, so you can make them look like they are bitchslapping fighting each other easily.

Poor Fang. You should never stand between a hedgehog and his chilli dogs.

You may be saying “But Nemain, I know this plush has been bootlegged! How do you know yours is not? What do I look for when searching for one of these?”. Never fear, for Nemain has more than one ace up her sleeve! The fake Fangs are indeed a very good likeness, but they are slightly -too- happy. The quality of the hat is also not as good. Perhaps the biggest giveaway of all, however, is that the fakes have a matte (dull finish) nose. The real Fangs have a shiny, plastic nose. Of course, the fakes so far have never had paper hang tags and thus have no holes in them to show where a tag was… So if your Fang is tagged or has a plastic tag clip hole in his tail, he’s real!

Would I recommend this plush and other members of this set to you, the Sonic loving masses? Heck yes I would… But don’t expect it to come cheap. These little dudes are worth every penny though!

Till next time,


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May 6, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Your Fang plush is smexy =3

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