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Well Urth be here, currently sitting at the EC lair, thinking far too much about the future.
First off, Happy New Year, to celelbrate, New Years day from Noon GMT onward, Livestreaming Urth is back, dunno if I’ll be arting or gaming at the moment but tune in anyway.

Secondly hit the jump button to see the rest of this article.

2010 was certainly an interesting year, SoS was bigger and better than ever showing exactly how much that Sonic has really influenced people, and the EC crew got to meet with the legendary Crush 40. We’ve had a good mix of Sonic games, from the generally praised as Holy Grail Sonic 4, to the kids game and in my opinion Wii game of the year by miles, Sonic Colours, and don’t forget that body flailing launch title Sonic Free Riders.

But what about Emerald Coast itself? Well we had a major site update to both the front site and the comic part of the site, we gained a new member of the crew, whom I think I can safely say for both myself and Vger, will be a permanent addition to our family and the Sonic Community who seem to have taken her onboard much like a Duck to Hydrochloric Acid…. I mean water. We gained a forum… well Sonic Wrecks kinda let us be a major part of the Etherial Online forums… close enough.

And I seem to be infecting far too many people with the phrase “BEWBS”.

2010 had its low points to, specially on the personal side, obviously life isn’t perfect, but I think all 3 of the EC crew can safely say there are parts of the last year not only will they want to put behind them, but possibly take a Wunderwaffe DG-2 to it, burn it, then let the Heavy have his final say… during which all the cannons, rocket launchers, Ryno Vs and possibly the odd redeemer or two will be firing on that point… just to make sure. 2010 was a horrific year in that sense.

And yet it also seems to have some things which may not make it a good year, but shine out as at least making it a year that we are glad existed. I used the word ‘Family’ for a reason. Nemain is more to Vger and myself than just some odd job we hired who could actually draw and make you guys laugh and up the hit counter, that was a side effect. It’s not just us either, at least half the wrecks crew have used that word to describe how much they want her to stay in this community too.

On top of that, the bonds between some of us community guys have gotten stronger too. The obvious one I suppose is Vger helping me out big time, and now sadly he has to have the heartless parked right outside the babe lair. You’ve probably noticed our bond with Wrecks has tripled or so, with both sites pretty much advertising each other regularly, but even in real life the term family probably hits fairly close to home, we regularly game together again, mostly TF2, a little bit of Nazi Zombies on the side, but more importantly we try to meet up regularly. With stuff such as the Alton Towers visit and Birdcon where we got to simply hang out as friends without too much gaming stuff over our head, hopefully this year there will be another such meet, maybe not on SEGA’s Expense, but one where we go “sod the new Sonic game coming out, let’s just all get together and be friends for once”.

We’ve all got a personal thanks, but I think all 3 of us that reside at Emerald Coast would like to thank AAUK, Echohawk, Blake, Ram the Dragon, T-Bird, Dreadknux & B-man at the very least for basically being more than just friends to us.

And we also want to thank you guys. Emerald Coast is a lovely place to reside, I mean we got a great family, a pirate cruise ship, all that Jazz, but actually you guys are what make it come alive and make us want to do more. We really do love you guys that comment regularly, and we want more of you to comment too. Then there are the people that take it further, a huge thanks to those who have submitted guest comics, TailsFox88, T.A. Black, Ram (again), ShadowFox04, Casanova & Angry Fox. A huge thanks to those who take EC so seriously, you take it outside the Internet, regardless of it consisting of constructing a huge Wrench or singing He’s got a Wrench at the top of your voice in the car or through the streets of York.

So was 2010 a good year? No. Would I get rid of it? Hell no. Both myself personally and the EC crew have had so many good things happen in amongst the horror, that y’know what, maybe, just maybe, we came out of it for the better… in the long run.

Oh by the way Vger has asked me to warn you that change is coming… I think he may be talking about the new whip he has brought to make me do more comics as I seem to be slacking.

So from our lord Vger, faithful subject Nemain and the dreaded pirate Urtheart, we hope 2011 brings you good fortune, and stick with us here at EC for more lulz, bewbs, and more importantly… well you might have to figure this last one on your own. So I leave you with what I think was probably EC’s most defining pic of the year and one last saying that I gave to those whom I sent Crimbo Cards to.

Sometimes the best Present we can ask for
Is to simply know someone Cares


T.A Black

January 1, 2011 at 3:43 pm

A very well written blog Urth – I have to say that despite everything, you and the others always seem to come out with a smile and with a success. Many thanks to you three for all the great stuff you’ve done – I hope 2011 provides a better year for everyone, both site wise and in real life.

Here’s to 2011 – have a great and happy New Year everyone *raises a glass*

Ein Eagle Vanato

January 1, 2011 at 5:49 pm

I agree with T.A Black, well written speech, i mean blog urth XD, no one could have said it better.

So that’s where Dread’s whip went XD Here’s to 2011, now with 20% moar bewbs and 100% moar whips than 2010!

Ram The Dragon

January 1, 2011 at 9:31 pm


Can't wait to hug you all ;D


January 3, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Since I’ve started riding around in this truck, I risk dismemberment and death to check this site for updates. I am severely disappointed that bewbs has only been mentioned less then fifty times. We demand moar B-

-Seriously though, I hope you guys have a great year this year, the tough times can only get easier with friends to back you up, and the laughs can only get more epic. Happy New Year!! 8D


January 4, 2011 at 3:46 am

Great blog/speech XD couldn’t have put it better myself, 2010 was rough for me as well. You guys are awesome and I hope 2011 brings you much happiness and joy as I hope it will do for me.

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