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For any of our regular viewers who came from the Sonic Stadium and are wondering where the heck it’s gone, there is an important announcement over at Wrecks, I’m linking to it for the reason of it’s not good news.

My previous message stands, ogive the guys your supprt, because that is a lot of work down the drain. Everyone in the TSS staff will be doing their bit to help the place recover, and if you can offer your help in any way shape or form, I’d get into contact with any of the staff you know from the site, if you don’t know any of their emails, you’ve always got me (shadow[underscore]urtheart[at]hotmail[dot]com) or Vger who should be in the contact page and we’ll pass things on.

In the mean time our brothers at Sonic Wrecks are donating their services to help with SSR, and offering a temp place at their board Entherial-online for all those with a chatting need to hang out.

We here at Emerald Coast will be doing our bit too, so if you start seeing more content from others here, you’ll guess what’s happening.

It’s sad to see TSS having these problems, but I don’t think Mr Dreadknux will be going out without a fight, especially considering the popularity of Summer of Sonic 09 that was there. So hopefully they will be up and running asap.

Shadow Urtheart

Edit from Vger: Once again anyone who wants to get in contact with us to offer support to TSS then Urtheart can be contacted through shadow[underscore]urtheart[at]hotmail[dot]com and I can be reached through vger[at]emeraldcoast.co.uk obviously it goes without saying that all items in brackets in the email addresses should be replaced with the relevant characters.

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