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To say this last week has been a bit slow for news on Sonic would be a bit of an understatement, (the main news sites have had to resort to ludicrously priced ebay items for news) but I’ve still managed to dig up a few highlights.

Monday 13th
Information from Famitsu (a Japanese gaming magazine) puts the release date for Sonic Chronicles in Japan at August 8th, almost a whole year after the American and European launch.

A misprinted Knuckles toy has reappeared on ebay but this time the seller is asking for the slightly more reasonable price of $1,000, which still falls into the territory of ludicrous.

Tuesday 14th
Information on a new set of plushes is dug up, two of which are a case of go back and try again.

More merch from ebay, this time a rare Bean plushie for $499, still a bit much hmm?

Thursday 16th
The American playstation network finally manages to catch up with Xbox live a bit with the release of two Sonic Unleashed download packs, which have been out considerably longer else where, maybe there’s just not the market in America?

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