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News for the last week.

Sunday 15th
Still seems that Sunday is the day of rest.

Monday 16th
Supposedly Sonic and the Black Knight is for children, rather than the older Sonic fans (oh this is going to cause a whole heap of drama). Think about it though he’s a bright blue hedgehog with cartoony features of course he’s for kids! Although it would be nice if they could make a game to please kids and older Sonic fans.

Tuesday 17th
Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is still hanging on in the British sales charts, no sign of Sonic Unleashed though. Oh and House of the dead Overkill debuts in 10th, not bad considering its a violent game for a family console.

Wednesday 18th
Archie put up a preview for the first Sonic Universe comic.

An extremely rare document has been dug up by Sonic Retro, a Sonic Bible written by SOA while the first Sonic game was being developed in Japan, it details Sonic’s background and character development, a lot of it bares very little resemblance to the history we are familiar with although some of this seems to have been use for the AoStH series and Sonic the Comic. Well worth a read for anyone interested.

A new trailer for Sonic and the Black Knight was put out, with dragons, mines, caves, and hot Percival action.

Thursday 19th
TSSZ digs up a Sonic retrospective done by Gametap, which while on the hole mostly accurate has a few errors here and there but that’s to be expected. Still well worth a look.

Friday 20th
TSSZ revealed that not one but two Sonic and the Black Knight soundtracks are in the works… great more of a drain on my money.

Saturday 21st
Some concept art was dug up of Sonic Unleashed with some rather interesting looks for the werehog, I’m rather glad they didn’t go for the MC werehog look in the end.

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