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Once again a run down of the news for the last week.

Sunday 1st
Radio Redux returns with the results of Wrecks factor, for those of you who are uninitiated in the ways of Wrecks factor (you lucky people), Wrecks factor is where Sonic fans butcher there favorite songs.

Monday 2nd
Archie release more info on the upcoming highly anticipated issue 200 of Sonic the Hedgehog, well at least by me.

TSS goes down, this in itself is not an uncommon occurrence, but it is the severity of the outage, (that doesn’t come to light for another day) that a lot of information has been lost. Once the true extent is known fans from around the community offer there support and best wishes for a quick return, nice to see we can do something good, although there are always be some who like to kick people when they are down.

Tuesday 3rd
Another new SatBK video released.

Preview for Sonic the hedgehog 198, goes up.

Some tit bits about Night of the werehog emerge (warning JaPANESE ONLY), and here’s a summary in English.

Wednesday 4th
Jet the hawk is confirmed for SatBK, great more of that annoying nazzle voice.

Yet another SatBK trailer.

Once again, IGN manages to piss off Sonic fans, the usual allegations of not playing the game to completion in sue, followed by IGN throwing petrol on the problem. This type of thing happens every time a new game comes out now, am I the only one getting tired of it?

Thursday 5th
TSS returns, however its forum the SSMB has been lost all its posts which is over four years work, but we can rebuild, make it stronger, better than before… and with less drama.

Friday 6th
*Burrys head in the sand for the day, doesn’t miss much, except the usual drama.*

Saturday 7th
*Keeps head buried, briefly emerges to play some team fortress two, once again doesn’t miss much.*

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