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Once again a run down of the news for the last week.

Dual wielding for the win

Dual wielding for the win

Sunday 22nd
Sonic Wrecks decides to emulate Emerald Coast with a round up of whats happening in the Sonic community… just remember who came up with it first!

Monday 23rd
Summer of Sonic 2009 was officially dated for the 29th of August 2009, if your interested go register your interest here now! GO NOW!

TSSZ put up some pictures from the New York Toy fair with some cool looking Sonic figures, all I know is when will they be out? And when are they coming to UK?… because they will be made avaliable in the UK, even if I have to drag the manufacturers kicking and screaming across the Atlantic.

The Europe sonic blog put up part one of an interview with the legendary game soundtrack composer Tommy Tallarico, including a question from yours truly!

Tuesday 24th
Did you know that Wacky Workbench from Sonic CD has a secret statue that sprouts rings in the good future? Nope? Neither did I read here about the interesting discovery.

Wednesday 25th
Not one but two Sonic and the Black Knight trailers surface in the space of a day.

A preview for Archies Sonic the Hedgehog comic series volume 10 is put up, the compilation containing 37 to 40 is a rare chance to actually read these golden oldy Sonic comics… unless you just happen to own pretty much the whole collection already.

Thursday 26th
Nothing to see here, move along.

Friday 27th
Part two of Tommy Tallarico’s interview goes up on the SEGA Europe Sonic blog.

TSS’s enigmatic T-Bird puts up an interview with Archie Sonic the hedgehog cartoonist Mat Herms where they discuss life the universe, and beards.

Saturday 28th
Producer of SatBK, Tetsu Katano says in an interview that Sonic the werehog may return at some point… well I can think of worse things SEGA can do… most of which they have already done.

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