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Sunday 22nd

Monday 23rd
New screens for Mario and Sonic at the Winter games emerge in the latest issue of Nintendo Power (issue 240).

Mega777 the person who originally did some artwork that was latter copied for the Sonic and the Black Knight art contest has been found!

Tuesday 24th
The winners of the Sonic City Blog for a copy of Sonic Unleashed are announced, so if you entered check out if you’ve won or not.

Wednesday 25th
Svend master of TSS does a very interesting analysis of Sonic and the Black Knight and draws parallels with the Sonic community and SEGA, well worth a read. (Be warned it does have story spoilers)

Gayas entertainments Sonic toy license gets extended to include a new line of Sonic shaped stress balls in the form of figures and key chains, I don’t know if I should buy these since my stress balls generally end up with teeth marks and holes in… my job has a lot of idiots I have to deal with, plus I’m still waiting for my Sonic chess set… although that might have something to do with them still trying to find a UK distributor.

Thursday 26th
Sonic unleashed gets its second download pack this time featuring Spagnoia, read EC’s review here.

Friday 27th

Saturday 28th
*Dust bowl rolls past* It’s the weekend I have better things to do.

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