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Okay doing this quickly this week as I’m tired and need some rest so hit the jump link for this weeks news roundup.

Sunday 25th
Nothing new.

Monday 26th
The Japanese games magazine Dengeki DS reveals more features on the upcoming Sonic and the Black Knight game, including revealing Tails in a black smiths role, ‘sigh’ the fox behind Sonic is never going to see the spotlight is he?

Sonic Mega Collection is rated for Xbox live, so it looks like were going to get yet another opportunity to relive the classics again!

Tuesday 27th
SEGA Europe is running a poll on Facebook to find which is the best character… other than Sonic, I don’t know why they bothered we all know its Tails!

It was confirmed that Mario and Sonic is still selling well in the UK charts, take that Mario Galaxy.

Wednesday 28th
The Unleashed soundtrack was put on general release today and can be bought for a not so modest fee.

Thursday 29th
Did Archie slip up and reveal the cover of issue 200 of Sonic the Hedgehog early?, or is this just a fake?

Sonic and the Black Knight character models revealed special extras includes Blaze!

Friday 30th
Another slow news day… okay I’m tired and want to go to bed.

Saturday 31st Jan
Sonic Wrecks got its whole website replaced with an image promising a new shiny version 6 coming soon, we at Emerald Coast eagerly await what the competition has come up with next… which we can rip off without getting caught…

More next week.

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