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It’s almost time for E3 again and SEGA decided to get all its big announcements out of the way before the show starts up, rather sensible when you consider that the show is mostly dominated by the console manufacturers and the larger third parties, so of course we got a little bit of news this week… well okay one big bit.

How come Sonic's driving a girls car?

How come Sonic's driving a girls car?

Wednesday 28th
Archie puts up previews for Sonic the hedgehog 203 where we will learn a bit more about Sonic’s new foe, and lets not forget the preview for Sonic Universe 7 with the continuation of the mobius 30 years later arc. Comics will hit the shelves in August and September.

Thursday 29th
SEGA announces a brand new game for 2009 Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing. This was followed with the usual cries from the perpetually un-happy Sonic community.

Other than these its been a fairly quiet week, who knows there may be more interesting tit bits at next weeks E3.

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