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E3 has been and gone now, leaving in its wake, two new motion control systems coming soon from two console manufacturers and more of the same rubbish that they chucked out last year from the third. I’ll leave you guys to decide which presentation I thought was the worst, but it should be pretty clear. Now E3 isn’t just for the big three to pump up there publicity machines its also a time for the third parties to show what they have going on and while SEGA didn’t announce anything new on the Sonic front we were treated to a few bits and peaces, read on for more.

Tuesday 2nd
SEGA confirms two new characters for Mario and Sonic at the Winter games, Donkey Kong and Metal Sonic, plus we get a nice new trailer to go with it.

Wednesday 3rd
SEGA throws us 21 new DS and 17 new Wii screenshots for us to digest, featuring the recently revealed Metal Sonic and Donkey Kong.

A video showing some play time of Sonic and SEGA Superstars Racing turns up, with what looks like a fairly solid if not a little slow game, the video also reveals Big as a character for the first time riding a comically small bike, and shows of Sonic’s special move, Super Sonic (of course) although it still looks a bit slow.

Now E3 wasn’t the only source of Sonic stuff today, Archie put up a preview of issue 201 of Sonic the hedgehog, hitting stores soon a.k.a. two and a half weeks if you live in the UK which is not ‘soon’ in my book.

Thursday 4th
Finally we get to see some screens for Sonic Unleashed mobile, looks like it might make some of the old school fans happy… but most likely not.

The Mario and Sonic site updates with a release date of October 2009, however it seems that it’s only the American version of the site has this so lord knows when the rest of the world is going to get it.

Friday 5th
We get to see a nice little video for Sonic Unleashed mobile, doesn’t look too bad kind of like Sonic Rush, the music however is a travesty, seriously that stuff sounds worse than Sonic Battle!

Sunday 7th
Do you know which format your going to pick up SEGA Superstars Racing in? No? Well look at it this way looks like SEGA can’t make up there mind which formats to release it in anyway.

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