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It’s been a fairly busy week this week with a pile of Sonic content on the Xbox 360, and a little love for the PS3, anyway here’s this weeks new roundup of whats been going on in the world of Sonic.

Monday 8th
A gameplay video of the new Sonic Unleashed mobile game emerges.

Tuesday 9th
Even more gameplay videos of Sonic Unleashed mobile appear, this time for the Sony Erricson X1 and Nokia N598G these appear to be leaks of the game rather than official videos, hopefully that means there going to fix a few things first (music), although the gameplay looks fairly solid.

Wednesday 10th
Sonic 3 hits xbox live arcade, along with a few other mega drive games. The game is true to the original except for the tweaks that a mat effect is applied to take away the ‘blockyness’ but this can be turned off, and there’s also an invaluable mid-game save feature in order to help you get past the hard bits (aka the collect the blue spheres special stages).

The long running research site X-Cult and Sonic Retro are in danger of being wiped off the internet forever without help, however with a quick rally round the community the money is raised and the sites saved.

Remember the Summer of Sonic event last year? I know I do, well the site for this years has gone up, Dreadknux creator and co-organiser (with AaUK) of the event says more details on the event will be coming soon.

SEGA Sonic radio gets its website back after many months without, maybe now I’ll actually get listeners to the shows I put out every so often.

Thursday 11th
More content for xbox live with new downloadable content for Sonuc Unleashed including add on levels for Adabat and Empire City, at this point you have to wonder whats left for them to do, and a quick glance at the levels tells me that its just Eggman land which hasn’t got any new content… so if you thought the new content so far was hard, just wait and see.

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