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Augh, I’m late, sorry, I got distracted with actually relaxing for a few hours today and now I’m behind schedule so here is a summary of the news from the world of Sonic for the last seven days.

Sunday 8th
Nothing to report.

Monday 9th
It is announced that SEGA is one of the publishers working on stuff for the playstation 3’s online functionality thing, ‘Home,’ I hear its like xbox live but worse.

Tuesday 10th
Bah humbug.

Wednesday 11th
The Sonic and the Black Knight European and American websites are opened with a very flash heavy theme, oh and paper craft, with a dash of Silver… great!

Thursday 12th
Mario and Sonic at the Winter games was officially announced, with snowboarding and ice skating confirmed as events of and wii balance board functionality… great now I have to get wii fit.

A new trailer for Sonic and the Black Knight surfaced co staring our favorite emo hedgehog.

Friday 13th
Err… not much really.

Saturday 14th
Sonic was spotted briefly running from Amy riding a rather tired looking Knuckles and swinging a laso above her head, unfortiatly this strange sight went by so fast I didn’t have time to get a picture.

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