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Time to renew the weeks poll for something fresh, and this week I thought I’d ask something a bit closer related to current events. Namely, What version of Sonic game do you prefer to buy? i.e. are you one of these people who will hunt down a special edition like this little gem, or do you prefer the normal bog standard edition?

Your option are:
Special Edition with Super Rare Merch
Game with Exclusive Download codes
Game with random gift
Just the Game

Vote in the usual place on the right hand side. And hit the jump for last weeks results.

In answer to last weeks poll: Which Sonic game style do you play the most?

In forth with only two votes: racing
In at third: Card collecting (Sonic Tweet) with 3 votes (huh must be a niece)
Second: Side scroller with 10 votes.
And the clear victor with 25 votes Big budget games like Sonic Colours.

Interesting results once again especially since racing came last, I’d have expected a least third with the recent awesome Allstars Racing, anyway, don’t forget ot vote in this weeks poll.

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September 9, 2011 at 11:12 am

I’m surpised to. o.o I thought I would be the only one liking big budget games seeing how most Sonic fans always have something to complain about them. : /

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