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The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Warning; Words.

Right.  First and foremost I apologize for my lack of updates.  As I stated my hardware on the art side bravely attempted to save a butterfly-…

Furthermore, I fell into a writing funk with ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ when I lost everything.  The notes and such; on top of my own writing material for other projects that I was working on at the same time.  Now I have started a ritual where I save everything on several flash drives and email myself.  I’m not going to be working on Bottom of the Barrel JUST YET… but the story is unfinished and I will come back to it when I find the time.

Now; I have the instruments to do more comics (in color) a tad faster (and I do mean fast).  I will be abusing this thing as much as I can so expect comics coming soon;- ish.

Writing wise I got on the horse again and just started writing like mad.  I even went back and edited some old work (if any of you are interested, here is MARS4 and MARS4: The Scars of War in an Adobe File called MARS4 1 n 2); I managed to finish MARS4: The Tarnished Knight which is being edited with a cover on the way.  (That makes 3 ‘super serious and depressing’ stories with ‘actionish things happening’ with Jerry in it.  I’m sorry-ish)

I end my constant attempts to make you read MARS4 with this continual abuse of space for unwanted advertisement.

Better Than Twilight

I also have Book III out to the Shadow of Westwatch series out on Kindle; so yeah,  There’s That. .3. (I so have my priorities brah. :V)

Anyways I hope to be harassing you people more with my pixel murdering.
I got to go do that thing for money.
Weep in remorse of life choices?
Yeah.  Weep.

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