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For those of you in the know, ‘The British Andy’ and ‘TitansCreed’ have been doing an annual race playing through classic and modern Sonic games to raise money for Special Effect Charity.

2020 is no different, the date of June the 19th starting at 12 am PDT / 2am CDT / 3am EST / 8am BST, for about 14 hours the returning on the 20th and perhaps even the 21st if they meet one of there donation goals.

This race also includes donation ‘incentives’ to torture… I mean help… your favorite player from losing a life to oven mitts… and oh so much more.

If you can’t wait for the big day then you can support them now by heading on over to Steam labs to invest in some fine swag designed by ‘Ram the Dragon,’ items will be available until July the 5th but best to snap them up now to push The British Andy and TitansCreed closer to those ‘special incentives.’

You’ll be able to watch this event live on twitch from The British Andy and TitansCreed account, and who knows who might turn up to turn the thumbscrews… I mean cheer… yes definitely cheer them on.

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News: Still alive; website paid for one more year… might do something with it… maybe, bye

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Did someone ask for more? :V

Panel 40 in what I am calling ‘Rap Battle.’¬† Nowhere near done, adding more panels and a bit more ‘animation’ in the animation.

I am still doing the thing! .3.

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I have just been really tired.  My sleep schedule has thrown me for a loop.  Every time I sit down to do a comic I nod off or get distracted by other projects that have been dragging their fingers across my scalp.

I’m actually plotting something nightmarishly complicated for it.¬† Stay tuned, I’ve not abandoned it.¬† I actually sat down tonight to start doing things and the damned pen was dead.¬† You guys will have something next week.

Something special. Ish.


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Number 2 GOES HERE

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This is YOUR fault CommicCommentor! YOOOOOOUUUURRRz

There was going to be a Second Comic, I got the entire 30 (25) planned out.  I got distracted by shiny. o3o

The same shiny that had me distracted last week. >w>

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I know, no apologies nor excuses. I will give my reasons next week.  Just expect one (maybe two) up next week.


comiccommenter XD I love how Jerry is getting supervised. Like he is to dangerous to leave alone for long XP.

You can expect the next comic(s) to address this. :V

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I DID THE THING. And now I am going to sleep! o3o


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