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It’s been another turbulent week for news relating to the upcoming SEGA and Sumo Digital racing game with more reveals and a few gafs along the way, once again I’ve decided to sum up what we know now.

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What’s was Revealed

The week started with a trailer revealing that two more characters as being, Ulala from Space Channel 5 and BD Joe from Crazy Taxi, both from leading software titles from the Dreamcast, any chance of sequels while your at it SEGA?

Then the American website launched spilling the beans on a few more as yet unannounced characters and there all-star moves. I’m not going to comment here on them as at this point they still haven’t been officially confirmed, and the give aways have since been removed.

Also revealed is exclusive downloadable content for the 360, what that may entail is anyone’s guess, it could be more tracks or more characters, for now lets just wait and see.

24 tracks to race around, that’s a pretty good number for a racing game of this type.

In game items include: shield, a mega horn to flip surrounding rivals, confusion star which flips the screen of a nearby opponent, high speed shoes (do you really need this one explained), manual rocket aka homing missile (aka red shell for those mario kart fans out there), mines, K.O. glove, rainbow which blinds your opponents, giant rocket, and finally a rolling bomb.

Game modes include, Single race, grand prix, time trials, missions, and split screen (for up to 4 players), and online play for up to 8 players. That should be plenty to keep people busy for a while.

The Playstation 3 version will have support for motion control.

What we don’t Know?

I’m still inclined to say that there’s still more characters yet to be revealed, excluding the ones that were given away on the site, if not in game but as extra download, so there may still be hope for NiGHTs fans.

I’d say other than characters there really isn’t that much more to be revealed about the game, with the first magazine review expected shortly, I doubt there are going to be any more major surprises.

That’s about it for now, I think I covered the main points for now, oh and don’t forget to read part 3 of the developer blog!

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