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This is getting dangerously close to having a plot, as we delve into the dream world and see what’s really going on…


Click to see the 9th part of DtN2!

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Well… It’s certainly an hour he won’t forget with Roaris on hand.

The eighth part of Dream to Nightmare is now live… And only eight months after the last installment. YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!

Apologies for the super long hiatus. This comic will now be back to semi-regularly updating on Fridays, with big plans for the future too… But don’t worry, we will always cater for those with a desire for sexual nipples. That will never change.

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You’d almost think these updates would become somewhat regular…

The newest DtN is now live. I think untold things are going on behind the scenes here… Is there some bad blood between demon and cyborg?

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Why was this not updated in so long? I blame the parrots, mangoes and the Government. In that order.

The newest update to DtN is now live. I’m currently working on future comics, getting them scanned while I have the time and resources to do so. Hopefully this means we will be back on track with weekly updates!

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(X-posted from Sonic Wrecks)

While AAUK, Blakey and Echo are basking in the most exquisite company of the wonderful Ram the Dragon, naturally they’re not paying attention to who or what might be lurking in the dark depths of the Sonic Wrecks archives… And what better time for me to sneak on to the site and show you guys an awesome little something a talented community member has sculpted for your viewing pleasure? Take a gander at these beauties…

(continue reading…)

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Since I kept you guys waiting so long… How about a mini series to keep you happy till the next DtN part arrives?

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to check out the newest DtN comic too!

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IT’S ONLY A MONTH LATE. Leave me alone.

The third part of Urth’s dream is now live. Oh dear, Spin. What have you done?

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Many of you will have already seen the post over on Sonic Wrecks and on Facebook that T-Bird wrote asking for voluntary donations towards the running of SoS. Us here at EC would like to help this cause a little more and I don’t believe in letting generosity go unrewarded, so I’m offering my artistic talents towards the fundraising!

I’m opening up an initial five commission slots at £10 each for fully coloured and shaded SA-style art, and a further five at £5 each for A4 sketches. You choose the character, I will draw it for you… And if you’re coming to SoS, you can even have a print/the original sketch of the work waiting for you if you want! 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the SoS fund, and if you’re lucky (and I get my new computer fully installed with fun things), you could even see your commission being drawn LIVE on my Livestream account!

So! If you’re interested in helping SoS out and want some art as our way of saying thankyou, please contact me directly or reply to this post stating what you would like! Please note that multiple characters will count as separate slots so be certain to get your commission requests in quick as I’m sure these spaces will not hang around long!

Footnote: For those of you that were kind enough to donate towards Sonic Relief a while ago… Don’t worry! Urth is starting your drawings as we speak, and you will see them soon!

EDIT: Five slots gone already! Thankyou guys – Keep ’em coming!

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Bman… Is deleting the moral code of a lethal killing machine really a good idea, even if you can’t stand the sight of Dread’s sexual nipples anymore?

The second part of Dream to Nightmare is now live. This won’t end well…


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