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Boys and girls of every age, would you like to hear something strange?

On the night of the 31st of October (aka next monday at 8pm GMT) the two local pirates of Wrecks & EC, Nemain and Urtheart, will take to the livestream airwaves to bring you a horrifying show straight out of the asylum for your visual and Audio pleasure. If you dare to join the insanity, make sure you tune in on the Urtheart’s Boombox Livestream and join in the chat, you never know, there may be some spooky spot prizes to give away. Either that or we’ll drive you insane for the remainder of your life, either way it’s all good.

This is Halloween, pirate style! join us on the Dark Ship Honeybunch, Lollypop, GHEY, Heartless, 8pm next monday on all Hallows Eve, or be DAMNED TO AKHMIN’S GOB AND BE NOMMED FOREVER DAVEY JONES LOCKER!

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Thanks to all those who watched the livestream today, you saw this comic unfold… do behold The first in the Pirate War series, yes there will be more of these.

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EDIT: Correction show starts 11 am not pm, Urth brain no work.


Friday for us UK lot is a bank holiday. Why? Because it’s a glorious day where our nations is able to celebrate a new married royal couple.

Well with Vger being Royalty himself, myself a Cornish lawless and not so patriotic pirate, and Nemain being on the run from an Aslymn, none of us are really going to pay attention to the Royal Wedding. As such there will another all day livestream from Urtheart’s Boombox Livestream starting from 11am UK time with myself as your host. We’ll try and get a few other peeps in for convo at certain points in the day but we’ll have a whole day of drawing and some gaming for you, along with a requesta festa full of music.

So just in case you get bored of the Royal Wedding… y’know just, tune in and we’ll do our best to entertain!

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Sometimes I have to teach Vger a little lesson in piracy, and I also need to flex my muscles and sail the heartless out to invade places in… Vger’s honour?

Regardless due to circumstances involving an attempted infiltration of EC headquarters by RadioSEGA’s head Gavvie, there will be a special show of Saturday Night SEGA on RadioSEGA tonight at 10pm, so tune in or watch us and find out what various mayhem and havok we can cause as we hijack RadioSEGA

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Our last entry by Strata definitely deserves its first place spot, hand made sprites, absolutely hilarious script, loads of references, and the tip of it all, Nemain’s T x Dread request (which was also featured in Sofia’s entry). Enjoy guys!

And congratulations to our grand winner, well deserved and I think we shall remember this one for a while!

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So T.A. Black did something a bit different, and yet still awesome. T.A. was the first to get his entry in (VERY early) but gave us huge entertainment with his novel, and yes I am happy to call it that because it is massive! Yet you’ll be riveted all the way. Since it is not a comic all you have to do is hit the jump button to read the entire thing.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy your booty bewby prize!

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Sofia aka Ram the Dragon gave us an epic piece, so epic we can’t fit it on one page, but how many cameo’s can you name?

Congratulations, again we’ll ship these first class heartless style to you (hopefully getting there a little sooner than the last thing I sent… Vger can you post this one?)

Vger EDIT: comic image sizes have been fixed so they don’t break page.

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Our first entry into the fray shows us the claustrophobic nature of Urtheart when in the proximity of anything other than bewbs, made 115 times worse when Akhmin is around.
Congratulations guys, this was the 2nd entry we received and gave us a good laugh, we’ll send you an email asking about where to send your prizes soon.

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Tall Guy who is a beloved fan and friend of EC has put up some ebay items for sale, with all the proceeds going to Sonic Relief. While not quite the same rarity as say Sonic 1 signed by Yuji, there are some nice posters which are hard to get a hold of.

Up for grabs are 3 Sonic Free Riders Posters, linked here, here and here.

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With the heartwarming co-workers I have being busy, Nemain with Uni and Vger with world conquest, it was decided the heartless one had to do something to help people… Why?

So here is my proposition to you guys, i’m willing to draw you a sketch if you donate a least £1 to sonic relief, yep just 1 quid and i’ll draw ye a sketch of your favourite character or fancharacter either live on the boombox livestream or hand drawn sketch, and anything you donate goes straight to help less lucky people, and ii get drawing practise.

So how does it work?

Well go to the sonic relief page linked above, and donate at least 1 british pound sterling with a comment saying it is for EC to draw you something, then put a comment here or send us an email (urtheart at gmail dot com) linking to your comment and i’ll get on it asap.

I say at least £1 please feel to donate more, if you are lucky I might do more than one for ye, or colour it, even vger and nemain might take time out of their busy schedules if you donate a good amount.

So what ye waiting for go donate something now!


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