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Well it’s been a long trip but we have finally reached journeys end with Back to Reality I’m actually sad to see it then, and once again a big thank you to T. A. Black for putting together such a great story.

Chapter Twelve – A Winner Is You

“Urgh…” Vger moaned, rubbing his sore head. His vision was still blurry from the final attack from Exodia, the many flying cards still flashing in front of his eyes

“My head…” a familiar voice said “Feels like my head has a clamp on it”

“Um, sorry” a third voice replied

“I-Is that drool?!” the second voice exclaimed in panic “Wait – I have a body!”

“Of course you do, Urtheart” Vger muttered “I mean, why wouldn’t…” He then noticed his attire – no leather trousers, no school uniform, and no eyeliner. “Hey – we’re free!”

“At last!” Urtheart replied “I couldn’t take it anymore”

“I kinda liked it” Ahkmin said, his teeth still gently biting Urtheart’s head. The demon scowled, before grabbing the jackal and flinging him into the toppled bookcase in the Game Den.

“Man – looks like a bomb hit it…” Vger sighed. His pride and joy, the VR machine, was utterly destroyed, smoke and sparks emitting from it in all directions. The windows were blown open, shattered glass littering the ground where the trio lay. The bookcases were collapsed and fallen over; books covering what little carpet weren’t already covered in ruined machinery and debris. And, on the one monitor that was still intact, an 8-bit picture of Vger dressed as Yugi was in a celebratory pose, with the text “Game Over – A Winner Is You”

“We did all of that, just for a sodding stationary ending page?!” Urtheart cursed “Now I know how people felt after playing the old NES games”

“Remind me never to assemble any machinery whilst drinking Port” Vger said “It might malfunction ever so slightly…”

“Hey – there’s people approaching us!” Ahkmin exclaimed, pointing out of the bust window at a crowd walking towards the house

“Urgh – best go greet them” Vger sighed, woozily getting up and trying to overcome his VR headache. He staggered to the front door, before a loud booming gong echoed through the building “Note to self – make doorbell quieter…” As Vger opened the door, his eyes met with a wide variety of other eyes, each one with a beaming smile on their face.

One was a hedgehog with black quills, dressed up in a green jacket and white shirt. Another was a brown furred fox, wearing a leather jacket and black jeans. A third was a younger grey furred vixen, clutching a small plushie close to her chest. The next one was a human wearing a waistcoat and matching jeans, dice-based items hanging off his hair. He was beside another human, a white and blue striped shirt being worn under an ornate clay trinket coloured gold. To his side was a female dragoness, fine Egyptian cloth offset by a clay-made necklace. Another human was there too, wearing an elegant and long white coat with black clothes. The second to last one wore a yellow jacket and a bunch of casual clothes. Finally, the eldest of the group wore a red suit with a clay eye pinned to his lapel. Every single one of them had what looked like a device on their arm, and huge smiles on their faces.

“H-Hell…” Vger muttered

“Don’t you mean ‘Hello’?” Spin asked

“I-I’m right…”

“Hey – you don’t look too good” T-Bird commented

“Your right eye is twitching like mad” Blake said

“N-No it’s not” Vger denied, his eye actually going into spasms from anger

“Are you sure you’re okay?” T.A asked

“F-Fine” Vger grimaced “Just let me greet you WITH A WRENCH!” With that – the fox snapped. Grabbing his legendary Golden Wrench, he screamed at the group, swinging it like mad

“W-what’s going on?!” Sofia exclaimed


“Are we gonna tell them?” Ahkmin asked Urtheart, the duo looking on at the carnage the one-fox army was causing on the Yu-Gi-Oh cosplaying friends

“…Maybe later” Urtheart smirked, before yelling out “Hey Vger – Fancy a Card Game?” A frenzied shriek then came from the fox, delivering even more rage and anger. “You know – this is somewhat enjoyable”

“Popcorn?” Ahkmin asked, handing the demon some food. Smiling, the demon took some as the two looked on at the ongoing madness.

Suffice to say, no card games were played that day. And Vger is still on the top 10 Most Wanted list for horticultural damage caused by a giant wrench.

And as for Ahkmin and Urtheart? Well…Let’s say that a suspiciously jackal-shaped hole in the wall tells their story…

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