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You know I completely forgot about Back to Reality last week sorry about that so please have chapter 8 of this epic yarn.

Chapter Eight – The King of Electronically Engineered Card Games On Motorcycles (But You Can Call Him Kaiba)

“Can you slow down?” Rebecca-Vulpa moaned

“No” Vger replied bluntly

“But we’ve been heading towards Kaiba Corp for the last 3 hours” Joey-Spin added

“Can’t we have a rest?” Tristan-Andy asked

“No time to rest” Vger said “I want to speak to Kaiba as soon as possible. I just want this horrendous day to end”

“Same here” Duke-T.A added “My hair’s in a mess without fan girls to scream over it”

“…Why you are here instead of Blake I have no idea” Vger commented

“Because he’s Bakura, remember” Urtheart replied from inside Vger’s head “He has a stronger affinity towards the thief king than a duelling mastermind with a legion of fan girls and…” Urtheart paused as he spoke, before adding “Okay, it’s your entire fault”

“What – why?!”

“You programmed the thing, remember?”

“You don’t have to rub it in…” Vger pouted as he slouched his way towards a large building, the group of followers behind him

“Behold – the citadel of the dragon” Ishizu-Sofia proclaimed “The location of Kaiba, the winged horse, and chocolate pretzels”

“Yay…” Vger said unenthusiastically

“Yay!” Joey-Spin and Tristan-Andy said with glee, grabbing the others and rushing into the building

“Little tip, guys” Vger moaned “Next time we enter a building, please open the bloody doors first”

“Ah, I wondered why we suddenly stopped” Tristan-Andy commented

“My nose hurts…” Rebecca-Vulpa moaned. Vger sighed in annoyance as he pulled the group off from the glass doors and then throwing them into the offices.

“I can sense the aura of this place…It is perfect for sweet-ass rave parties” Ishizu-Sofia mused

“I can bring the dancers” Duke-T.A added

“And me the cupcakes!” Tristan-Andy exclaimed

“…I don’t even want to listen to the rest of this…” Vger moaned as he wandered away by himself as the rest of the group planned their party

“Shouldn’t we keep them with us?” Urtheart asked as Vger wandered over to an open elevator

“Why? So we can have idiotic conversations about cards, personality traits and washed socks?” the fox in leather pants argued as he pressed the button to Kaiba’s office

“Let’s leave them there” the spiritual demon concurred

“My thoughts exactly” Vger said as the elevator doors opened to reveal a large room bathed in blues and whites, dragons all over the place. Trading cards were stored in display cases and on plinths, giving off an aura of a museum rather than an office. At the other end of the room stood two people – one tall and imposing, dressed in a large white coat with a fancy brown hat; the other smaller and more timid, dressed in more normal clothes.

“Ah, Yugi – my most worthy adversary” the taller man said to Vger, his piercing eyes glaring deep into the fox “I, Seto Kaiba, shall be your most difficult challenge ever”

“Hey T-Bird” Vger sighed “Seriously, this game doesn’t surprise me anymore – not even Blake with his hair band”

“It’s a bandana!” a terse voice called out seemingly out of nowhere

“Um, Seto” the smaller person asked “Who was that?”

“I have no idea, Mokuba” Kaiba-T replied

“Is it your PC, big bro?”

“You leave my browsing history alone, or shall I throw you into a volcano again?”

“No, Seto…” the crestfallen youngster said

“Hang on…Is that B-Man?!” Vger exclaimed

“Looks like it” Urtheart concurred “And he still gets the short end of the stick here too”

“Anyway, Yugi – I challenge you to a duel”

“But Seto” Mokuba-B-Man pointed out “Haven’t you got a business meeting now? And then a conference call with other card game dealers? And-”

“Shut up, Mokuba” Kaiba-T retorted “So Yugi – are you chicken?”

“Urth?” Vger asked

“Way ahead of you…” Urtheart sighed, as with a flash of black light, he once again took Vger’s place

“Hey – where’s the port?!” Vger exclaimed

“In a volcano with B-Man” Urtheart replied, not wanting another dunk and hung-over fox again “So Kaiba – bring it on”



September 13, 2011 at 4:18 pm

HAHA, Bmn is Mokuba and T is Kaiba? That is brilliant. XD


September 15, 2011 at 10:51 am

Well T and Kaiba both like toys and gimmicks so it kinda makes sense.

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