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Are we up to chapter 9 now? Has it really been this long? Anyway once again a big thanks to T.A. Black for this.

Chapter Nine – Battle of the Morons

“So Yugi, you really think that you can beat me at the very game I created?” Kaiba-T mocked, a flock of VR monsters in front of him ranging from dragons to large plushies and even a lunchbox

“Of course” Urtheart replied, a more traditional selection of VR monsters and fighters on his side “After all, who has the largest number of life points at this point?”

“You might have more health, but I will beat your sorry hide” Kaiba-T retorted, before yelling “Special 15th Anniversary Sonic Plush – destroy his Mystified Celtic Guardian!”

“I thought he was perplexed” Urtheart replied

“I thought he looked more quizzical, Seto” Mokuba-B-Man added

“Shut up, Mokuba” the elder Kaiba replied “Just let me play the move. Go my plushie – attack his Life Points!” With those words, the blue stuffed hedgehog hopped forward, before rolling towards the ancient guardian, destroying both instantly

“So Mr Big, you fail to notice they had the same statistics?” Urtheart mocked

“Grrr” Kaiba-T growled, before yelling out “Go forth, Blue Eyes White Dragon – I summon you onto the playing grid now!”

“Wait – what?” Urtheart stuttered, as the many monsters on his opponent’s side disappeared to be replaced by a 20 foot tall silver hued dragon, deep cobalt eyes set into its head and a somewhat elegant but feral nature to it

“Behold Yugi – my ultimate card!” Kaiba-T yelled in joy “You have no idea how many Toys-R-Us I had to buy out to find it”

“B-B-But you summoned him in your turn!” Urtheart exclaimed

“Yeah, so?”

“It’s against the rules and regulations of the game!”

“Screw the rules, I have a Cowboy hat” Kaiba-T replied with joy “But as I’m a fair foe, you can have your last turn before your defeat”

“One round is all I need” Urtheart smiled “First, I sacrifice my remaining monsters. Then, I draw a card. Next, I have a drink” he took a sip of a nearby pint of lemonade, before exclaiming with ferocity “And now – go forth, my Ultimate God Card!”

“Ultimate what now?” Kaiba-T said flatly as his face fell as Urtheart’s monsters disappeared from his side to be replaced by a huge creature appeared from nowhere. With two large arms pulling it out of the VR arena, a large eye looked out towards Kaiba-T, who was hiding behind a limited edition print of a computer game character in fear. As the monster flew up, its body tapered into a slender tail, omitting any legs or feet.

“What…What is that freak?!” Kaiba-T exclaimed in fear. The monster flew down towards the scared duellist and extended an arm, a series of happy noises and chirps coming from it

“He seems friendly, Seto” Mokuba-B-Man beamed

“It’s a freak – make him leave!” Kaiba-T yelled. The monster didn’t take the words to heart, as it picked up the panicked teen and trapped him in a friendly hug

“Um – isn’t he supposed to be fictional?” Urtheart muttered

“We make it up as we go along” Mokuba-B-Man shrugged

“Okay, okay!” Kaiba-T yelled “You win – I submit! Just make him stop hugging me!”

“Yacker, down boy” Urtheart smiled, the monster obeying him with various excited sounds “Now tell me – what is your plan, Kaiba?”

“My plan? My plan was to defeat you so I could claim your Millennium Puzzle for Pegasus

“Why would you do that?”

“He has a NiGHTS doll with extra gender ambiguity! You know how rare they are? I must have all merch ever made!”

“He’s just like the real T” Vger mused

“Okay – time for you to return to the real world – I need a sleep” Urtheart replied and, with the ever present flash of light, changed places with Vger once again

“So, what do we do now?” Vger asked “Wait until the ending credits roll?”

“Not so fast, Yugi Moto” a voice echoed through the room

“Who’s there?” Vger yelled out loud “Show yourself!”

“With pleasure” the voice replied, as a figure strode out of a side room. He wore a velvet red suit with a fancy ruff and matching glasses, long white hair covering half of his face.

“Welcome to the endgame, little Yugi” the man smiled “Now, feel the wrath of Pegasus himself!”

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