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Ladies, Gentleman, Akhmin.
May I present to you;

Bottom of the Barrel


The World of Mobius. There are many like it, many of them similar, many different.

There is one where in the entire population had been exterminated by food poisoning. Only the cold machines of the hot dog venders still serve their dead masters in that rather ripe world.

Another where Mobiuns struggle daily against the temptations of evil gods in a never ending holy war. However, some of the gits fighting for the the Righteous makes you wonder how they still exist to begin with.

Yet another where Mobiuns are not only the dominant species, but they are all comprised of two dimensional paper. Crime on their world is punishable by toiletry use of the perpetrators’ face.

This one in particular, branded the Mobius-EC by the Guardians of the ever expanding universes, is as unique, if not alike to many of its other counterparts. A key difference in this universe is that a great evil was finally overpowered and defeated early in the age of might and heroes. This in turn, brought about an early peace, which is occasionally broken from time to time by feuding factions, fledgling nations, and the rising corporations.

One such corporation, second only to Prower Inc., is the Emerald Coast Empire. Founded, and still run, by some minor miracle, by one Victor George Erickson Richard the III. Otherwise known as Vger, because he does not like Victor George Erickson or the III for that matter, he is a brilliant mind in various forms of Engineering.

His Empire, which is technically a company, produces some of the most high tech weaponry and armor Mobius has seen since the Robotnik Wars. It is also, inconsequentially, this world’s only producer of Port, and Port based products. Incidentally some of his technology are actually powered, or produce Port in some fashion or form. Some countries have actually payed Vger to keep some of his more destructive, if not stranger weapons off the production line.

Though an avid intellectual, Vger suffers from his one and only weakness. Port. Vger sober is a general rare occasion, and proudly states that he has only had to replace his cybernetic liver twice.

Heading his financial department is the Phoenix, Rinascimento (or Rina for you readers who can’t pronounce long, complex names. Illiterate pricks, the lot of you), who, by some fluke of fortune, or by some divine purpose, has chosen the Emerald Coast Empire as her home. Her love of numbers and order also placed her as Vger’s impromptu second in command, and has saved the company already from financial ruin on several occasions.

Intelligent, beautiful, and unafraid of doing the good deed, many wonder why she puts up with a band of misfits, perverts, and whatever Akhmin is, on a daily basis.

Vger’s security head is one John Bluefox, a genetically enhanced super soldier (yeah, your hearing HALO’s theme song in the back of your mind). John is stronger, faster and considerably more agile then the average Mobiun. Though not on par to the actual super heroes of Mobius (Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, that guy with the thing on his face…um…Shadow!) in terms of such feats, he does have a cyber-organic brain filled with the Internet after a botched experiment to impart all military knowledge unto him.

Spouting random meme’s and useless facts had him branded as an embarrassment to the Military Initiative he had served. Despite his flawless record during the Robotnik Wars, he was relieved and shuffled off to a far flung outpost to rot. John has since found a home with the Empire shortly thereafter, where Mobiuns say stupid things all the time.

And get paid for it.

Next is Mortimor Shadowfox, a bright minded young arctic fox who can crack a cipher on a new age computer faster then most could blink. Though he can come off as something of a video game geek, he is a trained foot soldier who had not seen actual combat. Vger offered him a job at the Emerald Coast after the other Corporation Mortimor worked for disappeared over-night. The Owner of said Corporation suffered a fatal accident, wherein they brutally cut their own head off while shaving.

Though constantly bored, Mortimor genuinely enjoys his job, mostly because of the power of the computer systems he gets to work with.

Vger’s Port Butler, Jerry Voxholm, is one of the enigma’s in Vger’s employ. Having served in the Great War prior to the Robotnik Wars, Jerry’s military record heralds him as an exemplary soldier and scout. Then somewhere in the Great War, Jerry ceases to exist. Even now there is absolutely no record of any sort of participation in Wars proceeding the Great One, despite conflicting reports submitted by others to say otherwise.

All that is known about him is that he had the designation of MARS4, then several dozen blank sheets of paper in his file. Currently he serves as Vger’s trusted port butler, and is paid in cigarettes instead of cash.

The other mystery hired on in the Empire is its only official Minion, Akhmin.

He just arrived one day, and has thusly ‘hung around’ on the premise that Vger had named him Minion. With the attention span of a spinning dial, and the brain power of a dim bulb nestled in a pile of busted ones, Akhmin’s does not seem to bring anything to the Coast they don’t already have.

However, the Anubis (we think) is practically indestructible, ungodly strong, and can shape shift to practically anything he puts his mind too. Which can be very unfortunate in some circumstances.

Much to Vger’s delight, and many others dismay, Akhmin has declared the Islands the Emerald Coast Empire his home. On more then one occasion, he has even saved its occupants from disaster. though the same occupants claim that Akhmin himself is the cause of it.

There are hundreds of Corporations and Empires spanned across the globe of this Alternative Mobius, as well as countless spread across the infinite amount of dimensions. Unique and different to hundreds of degrees of varying ways, this Emerald Coast Empire, or its key staff have their own original problem.

They are about to be yanked from their day to day lives, and thrown into an adventure (que dramatic music, and the collective sighs of the readers muttering “cliche” ) unlike anything they had ever experienced.

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