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Was doing my regular browsing/sifting of Sonic sites today when I came across something truly amazing on UK Resistance, so awesome in fact that I decided to break my vow to not bottom feed of other Sonic sites exclusives. Some guy called SuperSonicSamurai with way too much time on his hands, has produced a little something to show where he would like to Sonic to go next, this harks back to Sonic CD and plays like a sequel but 3D with a hint of Sonic X-treme and containing way too much early 90’s slang that anyone in their right mind would never say today for fear of being locked in a padded cell and having food brought to them that can only be eaten through a straw… actually that might not be so bad with today’s economy, anyway I digress. Watch and stare in awe at this guys work.

Part 2 after the jump.

Like I said part 2.

I still can’t get my head round the fact that this was done by one guy, in his spare time no less, if I could produce stuff like this in my spare time then I would have cured at least five forms of cancer by now.

OK, I butchered the title of a song from the wrong game but to be honest the titles of the song titles in Sonic CD are a lot harder to butcher than Sonic R.

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