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What is this you ask?  Why have I been distracted as of late?  Why have I been skipping out of Comics, not bothering to put together promised archs or completing things on time?  I mostly blame video games in general.  However;

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So I may have just got a little bit bored again and decided to do another one of these, I’m actually thinknig of turning this into a weekly update thing who knows?

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It’s a dangerous thing when I get bored, I do silly things, case and point.

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I come home from work and what do I find sitting on the internet? A brand new trailer for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, showing off some game play and some pretty sweet looking tracks, watch it now below!

Video via IGN.

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Currently jumping from place to place.  The job I have keeps me on the move and I lack the funds to have an internet connection in the vehicle.  HOWEVER, this does not mean I have forgotten all of you (especially if any of you guys read anything I post on my DA or Twitter Account).

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Some of you may remember the community spotlight feature that appeared on Sonic Wrecks, well the instigator Titans Creed has stepped things up a notch and is now doing audio interviews with members of the community which is then put on youtube, the first of which, an interview with Sonic Paradox has just gone live, so please feel free to have a listen.


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Yup Summer of Sonic 2012 is still moving forward, although it has been very quiet until now. An update today on the SoS website while not giving much away did confirm that tickets will be free again this year, so that means you will be getting all the awesome that happens at SoS for the total cost of getting yourself to the venue, a bargain if you ask me! Tickets will be released in waves this time in order to spread things out a little, and you will be only allowed in if you have a ticket.

In other developments it was hinted that the event may not take place in central London which considering that the Olympics are only a few weeks after SoS and every venue in the central London area will have jacked there prices through the roof because of this, looking further away makes sense. Now before everyone who has already booked a hotel in the middle of London starts running around like a headless chicken panicking, it has been mentioned that venues under consideration are within easy commuter distance of central London and local airport terminals so please don’t panic.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Summer of Sonic website for more updates coming in the next few weeks.


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It’s official the Sonic community is getting another two conventions this year, the first now in it’s fifth year… has it really been going that long? The Summer of Sonic which will take place on July the 7th somewhere in London.

Then over in the US there will be the second Sonic Boom event will be held at the San Diego Comic con on Friday the 13th. Check out the SEGA blog announcement here.

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EDIT: Site has just been pulled offline, seems like people were getting ahead of themselves… whoops.

Okay I just saw the new place on the net to get your Sonic merch… at least if your a UK fan that is. sonicmerchandise.com/ has launched to little or no fanfare or promotion at least from what I can see and I can understand why.

Looking around the site it seems okay enough except it seems to be lacking in content they have sections for Figures and plushies which have nothing in which seems to me to be just teasing. (continue reading…)


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