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. . .
. . .
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. . . Oh what the f-?

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I live, but I find things are so much more difficult now, life gets in the way of my old habits, perhaps it’s for the best though, perhaps it’s time to try something different.

A new challenge perhaps?

Something to test even the great cunning of an Emperor like myself?

But what?

Hmm, I have always meant to complete my Sonic game library, some of which are exceedingly hard to find and expensive now.

Yes this seems like a worthy use of the Emerald Coast coffers and an acceptable challenge to my wit and guile.

I declare the hunt on, challenging myself to complete at least one gap in my game collection per month.

… One final thought before anyone asks, no, I am not going after Sonic Schoolhouse.

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Well the thing is I was looking for a place for me to hang my hat and be my own boss for a while; and you didn’t seem like you were updating this place anymore so I thought you wouldn’t mind.

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hUh… what’s going on… who the h*!* moved my thrown and redecorated while I was out… I don’t like it.

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…blarg blah blah blarg.

I would like to blame Destiny for ruining my weekend.
As in I spent my entire time over the weekend playing it until I explored every feasible location I could think of that it allowed me to explore…

…annnnd I also played some Splinter Cell – Blacklist.

Either way, COMIC; and its updated BEFORE A MONTH. 😀
Ten points for the first one to get the reference. :V

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I have no words.

Just linkage.

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….sorta. <3

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Time for round 2… or more appropriately, round 3. There was a round 2, though it’s connection to Sonic was rather limited, so instead, here is part 2, Time Travel, Mutants & More…
Linked, and part 3 above. Enjoy.

Today, we’re talking about possible DLC for Generations.

None of this is to be taken seriously, just enjoy it as a bit of random entertainment for the next half an hour. Mild Swearing. Thanks to Sonic Wrecks for recording and Titans Creed for hosting.

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Hello, no Feedback loop this week.  Been down at the MCM in London with the Overlord, Vger.  This is a rough estimation of what happened while there.

He’s also made it rather likely I’ll pick up Aliens: Colonial Marines at some point, on top of Beat the Beat (Rhythm Heaven/Paradise for you US & JP people) and Lollipop Chainsaw (A little later after Release) .

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The LORD and MIGHTY Vger is ENDING these shenanigans once and for all!  Or at least we hope so.
We do hope so right? >:3


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