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First off no I haven’t done a Just in Time comic for today and secondly there’s a good reason for that, I’ve been reworking the comic archive system. I’ve been at it for almost two months now and I’m pretty much sorted now although there’s always going to be a few changes to make. Wait two months to rework comic pages? Surely it shouldn’t take that long!

Well it does, especially when you consider that I’m uploading in excess of four hundred comics (yes this site has more than four hundred comics, yikes!) INDIVIDUALLY, with notes as well, so yeah it’s been a long haul, and that’s why there’s no Just in Time this week.

But why change the system? What was wrong with the old one? Well the old setup was a very simple system which suited me fine when I was starting out but as the site has grown in complexity and the number of people producing comics it has become necessary to have something a bit more robust that the other staff (Nemain and Urtheart) can access without having to wait for me to appear to upload it. This makes my and there lives a heck of a lot easier plus it’s the one area of the website I haven’t given a make over to in almost three years, we can’t have that now can we?

So for this week your going to have to do without Just in Time, but you can enjoy the newly reworked comic pages! Click the links below to take you to the reworked pages.

(As for Just in Time for the next two weeks… yeah that’s not happening, I’m on holiday!)

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