Vger Recommends


Hedgehog Heaven
A marvellous Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remix project from Overclocked remix, some real good tunes here.

Project Chaos
Another Overclocked Remix project, this time remixing Sonic 3 as well as Sonic and Knuckles.

Overclocked Remix
An extensive archive of music including a vast amount of Sonic remix tracks. Check the forums as well for tracks that may not have made the cut but still worth a listen.

Megadriver is a Brazilian heavy metal band devoted to videogame music, including of course some intresting Sonic remix tracks.

SEGA Addicts Podcast
SEGA Addicts sees several game journalists, get together each week to discus the news from SEGA and look back at previous games.


Saturday Morning Sonic
A site dedicated to the SATAM tv show.

Shadow of a Hedgehog
Long running site with music, remixes, movies and other media.

Sonic Art Archive
An archive for high-quality official Sonic artwork in PNG format.

Sonic Style
Ever wanted those images they have on the Sonic game promotional sites? Yes? Then go here!

News/feature Sites

SEGA Nerds
News site following all of SEGA’s exploits, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

SEGA Memories
A blog made by nostalgic Sega nutters who miss the good old days of when Sega supposedly ruled the world in our childhood eyes.

Sonic HQ
Information on pretty much every aspect of Sonic you could ever imagine.

The Sonic Stadium
Long running Sonic Site run by Svend ‘Dreadnux’ Joscelyne with regular articles, a massive forum, the Sonic Show, an online radio, art tutorials and much more.

Character Fan Sites

Eggman Empire

A site dedicated to the good doctor.

Tails Kick Ass.Net
Fan site devoted to the two tailed fox.


Exterminatus Now
Long running hand drawn comic from four guys who have nothing better to do… well they used to have nothing better to do.

The Middle Ground
Home to the amazing Not for Resale and many other quality webcomics.

Mystical Forest Zone
Home to the long running InSONICnia, There’s something about Tails, and several others.


Sonic Paradox
The home of the magnificent Sonic Shorts series a must watch for any Sonic Fans.

Official SEGA sites

Sonic City Blognik
Sonic Central
Sonic Channel
SEGA of America
SEGA of Europe
SEGA of Japan


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