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This has been a very very long time coming, I had hoped to have this done a month and a half ago but alas I didn’t manage to find the time, but its done now… well mostly.

Welcome to 6.1 a much better looking Emerald Coast!

But looks aren’t everything you know, no you have to have content to back it up and I’ve begun working on that, firstly I’ve restored the old wallpapers section to its former glory, and I do plan on more coming soon. There are also a few subtle things hidden away that an inquisitive person may be able to dig up but I’m not going to give anything away.

I’ve also updated the look of the Just In Time page a bit and adjusted a few other pages.

That’s about it for now, I did plan on doing more but due to time constraints I’ve had to push a few features back to 6.2 so for now enjoy Emerald Coasts new look and I’ll have more content for you soon, who knows I may even get back to Just in Time!

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