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Turns out filling in all the gaps in my Sonic game collection isn’t going to be that easy, some games are particularly expensive, especially with there original boxes.

To start I thought I’d go with something nice and simple fill in some a more recent gap, that being within the last decade.

So I picked up a copy of Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal for the 3DS off of eBay for £15, a little more than I latter found it for in CEX (UK based second hand shop for all those none British people) but at least the copy I got was in really good condition, hardly played as well, save file on there had only got 3 percent on it (aka played the first level).

Now for a bit of history for those who have managed to avoid Sonic Boom (congratulations by the way), this was an attempt around 2014 by SEGA to re-launch Sonic as edgy and cool again re-designing the core cast, adding a new charecter Sticks the Badger and changing up Sonic’s gameplay. There was a real big push behind this, comics, TV show, toys, and multiple games. Unfortunately it all fell apart very quickly, the lead game for the wiiU was glitchy and fans didn’t really take to it. The comic series crashed and burned after only 11 issues and the TV show while actually really good came too late as even SEGA had given up on it by that stage… which some could argue would be why it was so good… check out these videos from someone I know for some fun commentary.

Getting back to the game itself, while not a classic Sonic game, it’s actually not terrible, I’ve been playing it to try to complete, and while it has a few annoyances (constant back tracking) I haven’t thrown my 3DS out a window yet, who knows I might finish it.

So an initial success, next I had a lead on a copy of Sonic Chaos on the Game Gear, box in really good condition but someone beat me to it, the game gear games are going to be difficult as I’ve decided to get them boxed in the best condition possible, which becomes a real challenge when you realise the game gear boxes are all cardboard and it’s been over 20 years since they came out. My wallet might come to regret this.

Now for a bit of luck, out and about last weekend at Western Super Sonic, (yay first Sonic convention since the before times), and a cool second hand shop had a few copies of SonicN at a decent price, and naturally I had to grab one.

For those of you not in the know, SonicN is basically Sonic Advance but ported for the N-Gage, you know that phone Nokia made that was also a games console except it sucked and crashed and burned, still an interesting bit of history and the only physical Sonic game cart that came out for a phone/games console which is neat.

It only gets more difficult from here…

Oh and if anyone spots a problem with the theme selection drop down, I’m looking to fix it, I’ve done a update to the site in the background and some bits may have broke.

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