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I’ve been doing a bit of thinking recently… I know a very dangerous thing… and I’ve been wondering how old Emerald Coast actually is, so after a bit of digging around on the net I found out that Emerald Coast turns 4 today!

Has it really been that long? Am I really that sad that I run a small fan site for four years? I guess both of the answers to those questions are yes. Looking back at when I started it all it’s come a long way, considering I started out with zero web coding know how and a sprite comic done in paint.

I guess I started this site as a little way to waste some time but its become so much more, I’ve put my heart an soul into this place giving it a moderate degree of success, and it’s certainly opened doors for me I never expected. Looking forwards there is still a lot I want to do with the site and seeing that I’ve made it this far has only encouraged me on to continue so watch this space.

Oh and for anyone who is interested, Emerald Coast started out originally as a frewebs hosted site, which after three and a half years is still there! Go have a peak at the Emerald Coast that once was.

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