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I’m reviving something I tried out last year but got annoyed at because it took too long to write the pages, but with wordpress its easy, so I’m bringing back the merchandise section aka which Sonic Archie comics are coming out this month, cause Sonic merch is fairly thin on the ground these days.

Sonic X 40


The last Sonic X comic, sees the return of Shadow, but not the Sonic X Shadow, the Shadow from Archie’s other comic series, so its a cross over… never a good sign. Expect the same mediocre script with something truly cringe worthy at the end, but it isn’t aimed at my age group. Release date: Early January, Link.

Sonic the Hedgehog 196


Hedgehog Havoc part 2, the battle royal of hedgehogs continues with a new addition to the fray, Super Scourge. Will Sonic win or will he finally get his ass kicked… again. Release date: Mid-late January,Link.

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