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I live again!

Also happy 24th birthday Sonic, yes I know I’m a day late but I update on Wednesdays, if I update at all, and I’m a man of routines.

In other news comic.


I’m also a little late to the party on Sonic Boom Fire and Ice… yeah my thoughts can be pretty much summed at as follows: okay a Sonic game out for a console that I actually currently own, that’s nice, now excuse me while I scrounge street passes for more puzzle pieces. Yes I now own a 3DS… after I spent years swearing blind that I would never buy one because they give me terrible headaches the instant I turned the 3D on, plus 3D is a stupid gimmick, but that was all fixed with the new 3DS, no headaches at all.

Enough waffling from me, back to the ether I came from.

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