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While Nemain and Vger trump me in the Merch hunting department (despite me being of pirate origin), I have a few odd gems in my collection, 15th Aniversery Statue, a rather elusive (and well worn) Chronicles T-shirt & Sonic Rush Converse (which are in perfect condition because I can’t stand Converse).

But sometimes that odd piece of merch just turns up on your doorstep, this one was actually a christmas present from my sisters.

Spot the mistake?

Most casual eyed viewers will have noticed that they’ve put Knux into a Tails box. That really is all there is to it. Not all of them are like this mind, here is one I picked up last weekend.

Now I have seen another mis-boxed knux so I’m guessing there is at least one batch of em. Occasionally you’ll find someone on ebay flogging these mis-prints as “Ultra rare, will be worth millions!!!” I think one such example that was brought up a lot was another knuckles.

But I’ll be honest I doubt I’d get much flogging this (if someone wants to make an offer though feel free), but if you can find em these things make a nice little show and tell piece for your collection.

So where did I get this one? GAME store in Dorset.

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