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For those of you who listened in to the recent EC Airwaves Cluster Show, with the whole staff of EC in one place (a rare achievement) we announced two competitions. One of which is the motivational poster competition, now I’m sure anyone who has been on the internet for more than five minutes is aware of what these are, if not here is an example of one I did a few years back.

See simple informative and hilarious.*

But what is your motivation for entering this competition well the EC crew has been digging around to find some lovely goodies for you…
Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog # 216
First for Figures Miniature Sonic
PC edition of Sonic Mega Collection
PC Edition of Sonic Heroes
And a grand prize of: Sonic and the Black figure

And here’s a picture to show I’m not lying.

Now for the rules.
1. The motivational (or de-motivational if you are so inclined) is to only use images based on the the recent Dream to Nightmare arc TSS vs EC (you know the one where I’m a Port swilling Emperor). You can edit these to your hearts content so the possibilities are endless especially with how crazy DtN is.
2. You can enter as many times as you want, however only one entry will be eligible to win a prize per person.
3. All entries need to be emailed to me at vger(dot)ec@gmail(dot)com (replace (dot) with an actual dots).
4. Closing date is the 5th of December so get motivating!

Any questions, please post them below.

*Disclaimer: The staff of EC do not condone the excessive consumption of alcohol, remember drink responsibly or not at all… unless it’s port.

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