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Well I’ve been out and about a bit today, and found my local forbidden planet where I spotted some Gachapon’s (essentially plastic balls with figures inside). Now these are actually being released by Tomy (a red flag warning in itself) but actually these look pretty good, see pictures below.

I only got Sonic Knuckles and Super Sonic, but that’s pretty good I think, also included in the set is Metal Sonic, Shadow and the Werehog.

The figures are pretty simple to put together some more so than others, the Sonic one slotted together with no trouble, while the super sonic one required a little more brute force.

Overall the figures look respectable enough, not the best looking figures I’ve seen but not the worst certainly for the price they are good. Although I do have my niggles, Sonic’s shoe buckles are not painted, and Super Sonic has a little difficulty standing up… otherwise pretty happy with them.

The figures come to about 2 and a half inches tall once assembled, or for comparisons sake about 1/5th of a Stig shampoo bottle.

These figures can be bought now from Forbidden Planet for £2.99.



August 28, 2011 at 10:49 am

Damn, why do the gashapons machines in my neighborhood give such cool figures? >.< They only sell stuff like Hello Kitty figures I only got lucky two times when they where selling Pokemon figures.


October 1, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Now i’m jealous ): The nearest Forbidden Planet for me is in London somewhere, but the overal presentation looks good!

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