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It seems that the good fellows over at SEGA Sonic Radio have decided to do a 24 hour podcast this Sunday (15th November)… no its not going to be Darkspeeds talking about how awesome Summer of Sonic was (which it was) for 24 hours solid as he is the only person I know who has enough energy to do it. Instead a few radio DJ’s have got together to take turns in doing a show… including myself. Yup that’s right EC Airwaves will be returning for a two hour special tentatively titled at ‘Wake up to Vger’ this Sunday from 7-9am GMT.

For those interested the full list of shows is below.
EDIT: show list updated, looks like a full day folks!

12am – The Lowdown
1am – The Lowdown / The HyperBlitz Top 10 CountUp
2 – The HyperBlitz Top 10 CountUp
3 – AV Hijack
4 – AV Hijack
5 – Blitz & Pieces
6 – Urthearts Boombox
7 – Vger
8 – Vger
9 – Iceman
10 – Hawkz in da House
11 – SpeedKnux Pie
12 – SpeedKnux Pie
1pm – Blitz & Pieces
2pm – Blitz & Pieces
3 – The Raccoon Zone
4 – T-Time
5 – T-Time
6 – The Sonic Hour
7 – Radio Redux
8 – Radio Redux
9 – JayZeach – ParaphernaliaRadio
10 – Slingerland
11 – DarkNoise (?) / JayZeach
12 – Sonic Hour Send-off

Please note this schedule is not set in stone and may change. So tune in this Sunday to help make Project 24 a success… alternatively you can just listen in to find out how I sound when I’ve just woken up.

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