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Annnnd here you go! 😀


So, I may or may not have been playing a lot of Fallout 76 and Vermintide II lately.  I also finished my 4th Novel to the Shadow of Westwatch Series.

76 is a technical marvel in being Trash, but I’ve been interested in the new Enemies and playing with my friends.  Despite it being the worst Fallout in the series, according to anyone who continues to bash on it, the Story has kept me playing.

Vermintide II is still fun, getting lost in the melee its therapeutic and you are seeing the Warhammer World from a perspective of some really funny characters.  Spoilers, I hate Kerllian.  She calls me Mayfly one more god d**n time. D: <

Anyway, I like this format of ‘comic’ storytelling.  Just let me know if you think if it’s too fast or too slow.  More to come, me promise. 😀



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