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Only 2 weeks after the first pack, Sonic Team get another one out, this time on the earlier stage of the European city of Spagonia.

Now I could review this in full again, but really I might as well just quote the last one almost word for word. Almost.

Hedgehog stages again consist of 2 Hard modes and 2 very short new levels.
1st level is first act but harder. Nuff said.
2nd level is the Spagonia circuit, but with some extra bits were you traverse the centre part of the stage, and you only do 1 and a half laps. These two are no where near as ramped up in difficulty as the Chun-nan ones though.
3rd one is a very long version of the end of Spagonia’s first level, aka the 3 robots with lasers you chase. Nothing special but the evening lighting is lovely.
4th and last one is extremely short one consiting of lots of homing attacks, light dashes and air boosts, since there is no floor from start to finish.
All in all, a step up in the hedgehog department, though not much, 3rd one you’ll do on your first go, 2nd and 4th simply have lots of dead zones, and 1st, it’s hard mode.

Werehog on the other hand has a slight notch down.
1st one is a redo of the 1st act. You go though the small streets and then to the cellar with giant barrels having to hit all the switches most of which spawn enemies you need to fight. Like the Chun-nan levels, a heavy fighter, but ends with a calmer if not slightly frustrating search for switches around the cellar area.
2nd one is a completely new level taking place in Spagonia’s dark and rather dangerous canal/sewer area. Again it’s a more platform focused one with fighting in between.

That’s all there is to say about it really, if you liked the Chun-nan download and enjoyed it, might as well get this.

Can’t be bothered with the scores either, Hedgehog is slightly better, Werehog slightly worse. What else is there to say?

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