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Well the results for 2009’s Shadow All-star awards are up, and Emerald Coast didn’t win in the two categories we were up for.

We placed second in the fan comic award, which not being a Shadow fan comic really is a good position in a Shadow fan comic award, I’ll have to write Shadow in a bit more for the next year.

The second is for biggest contribution, and well we came joint last, with affiliate Fastfeet media, which is most perplexing consider the size of fastfeet media.

However its not all doom and gloom since Emerald Coast did win something! This is where your supposed cheer, or at least I like to think people would. Anyway we received the Webmaster choice award for, and I quote, ‘sites who are a must see and indeed deserve to get an award (but didn’t).’


So yeah, Emerald Coast is ‘a must see’ I guess that means I’ll just have to keep what I’m doing going, and maybe surprise you guys with a few things down the road.

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