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EDIT: Site has just been pulled offline, seems like people were getting ahead of themselves… whoops.

Okay I just saw the new place on the net to get your Sonic merch… at least if your a UK fan that is. sonicmerchandise.com/ has launched to little or no fanfare or promotion at least from what I can see and I can understand why.

Looking around the site it seems okay enough except it seems to be lacking in content they have sections for Figures and plushies which have nothing in which seems to me to be just teasing.

I will admit the few items they have on there they have some things I’ve not seen in the UK until now, and then they have things they are charging £9.98 for which have been given away at special events. Just a little cheeky don’t you think?

Now if you want to actually buy something be prepared to be stung as they seem to have got a bit confused on there adding system when it comes to VAT, come on it’s just a bit of simple math.

Oh but it gets better with each buy you get rings which can be redeemed for more merch… one assumes as it’s never explained no help page or anything.

And to round it all off the customer service page is in Latin… and even then translating it does not give you the customer service.

So overall it’s a bit of a shoddy launch… I can only hope that the site launch was an accident at this stage as it seems incomplete.

More fail can be found over in this SSMB topic.

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