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My tablet pen broke as it heroically jumped in the way of an 18 Wheeler attempting to crush a butterfly.

Tragically neither of them made it.
Warnings. WORDS. 😀


I will not bore you with my private life problems, needless to say comics will be non-existence even further until I replace the pen, and I might as well just upgrade completely instead of just getting the same pen and tablet set up.

So.  Where does this leave us?
Well. I am that sort of guy that butchers words, I could pen the story I am dubbing ‘Bottom of the Barrel‘ which will feature the entire EC Crew (their characters at least).  As well as many guest appearances as I can manage of various fan characters.  I’ve actually LOST the original scripts but to heck with it; ONWARD TO WORDY GLORY.

So how does the writing thing gonna go?
Well, I am on my third book (I’ve sold 40 something total; YAY!) with a release on the Nook set for September 12th for the first book and October 11th for the Second, with the third right behind that.

I will start putting bits and pieces together for Bottom of the Barrel and release it in chapters that may vary in length from relatively short to GODS MAN BREATH! BREAAAAAAAAAATH!

On a unrelated note, I have somehow wormed my way into http://www.sonicradio.net/ ‘s Remix Rants on Fridays around 6pm – 8pm (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) where I am shamelessly advertising things (until ShadowRemix hits me with his hammer or fries my eye sockets with his god computer…or Vger just electrocutes me with his mind powers. .3.)

I’m not dead.
Just Poor and Destitute. PEACE! :V

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Shadow Remix

August 12, 2014 at 4:43 am

God Computer?

I think that’s an understatement don’t you agree? XD

Last time the angels came down from the heavens to worship it they burned in a glorious, fiery death just from being around such grand craftsmanship that it rivals even the God Emperor on his Golden Throne himself.

At least…. so I’m told….

The angels don’t speak to me anymore. ^_^

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