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Last week, I updated you folks with a review I performed back in April on Spiral Knights. this week, however, I took a more updated look at the game by Three Rings and SEGA.

So, what has happened in the realm of the Clockworks in the last 4 months?

Recently, we have had the official announcement of a million players on Spiral Knights, which, I imagine quite a few of those have come from the also recent Steam partnership.

Slightly prior to that, we had the first new low-tier boss addition in the form of the Snarbolax, which is great fun, and a really good introduction to specific tactics used for bosses for low-tier players.

We have also seen the inclusion of the in-game auction house, which if you’ll notice, is one of the things I felt was one of Spiral Knights’ flaws at the time. Talking to some of the older SK players, some feel, that the auction house has taken slightly away from the community feel of trading, which, it does, to an extent, but then, it allows those players, who don’t like to talk openly with strangers, to actually help themselves in the game. Overall, I think it is still an overall improvement to it’s in-game economy structure as well.

More recently, after the Steam partnership, we have had the new Tier 2 boss of the Roarmulus Twins. Which, I personally, have managed to defeat for the first time quite recently, and it was a REALLY good boss encounter. The levels prior to it, are slightly overtuned, and even the slightest bit of lag can hamper getting through there solo, but as a party group, theres definately some extra margin. But overall, it’s really fun, which is the most important thing.

You can read the rest of this follow-up review here, and remember you can check out all other reviews done by the Radio SEGA review team on the site as well!

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