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So you’ve got a few hours to kill on Sunday afternoon when you really should be doing something productive? I know I’m like that, anyway this week I recommend to you the epic comic of Ghosts of the Future.

Written, drawn and published by Evan Stanley this comic has been going since October 2007 and is currently making its way through its fifth issue. It’s great to see the story and artwork develop as you go through the comic with each page seeming to kick up the quality another notch.

(warning spoilers ahead)
The main part of the story takes place in the a future (well durrr) where Sonic was killed and now only appears as a ghost to pester Shadow into finding ‘the one,’ who will bring back the chaos emeralds and restore balance. There’s more too it than that but I really should read the comic to find out more.

Check out more of Evan Stanley’s stuff on her deviant art page here!

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